Most Rewarded qualities of a successful salesperson

At some point, you may wonder what do top salesperson or rep of your team has in common? Individual selling styles or techniques may vary from individual to individual, but have you noticed why the same top performance boards have the same names.  To get maximum results and to reach business goals, you need to know what all traits set […]

All You Need To Know About Sales And Marketing (Complete Guide)

Our surroundings buzz with the words sales and marketing. From the vehicle we drive to the mattress we sleep on, everything was first marketed and then sold to us.  Sales and marketing make up a lot of our world, but how much do we understand them? Is sales just a transaction between two people? Is marketing just advertisements that we […]

Why Marketing is Important And How it Will Impact Your Business

Marketing is one of the many pillars of establishing a great business. It is a multifaceted tool that helps establish and cement the position of an enterprise among its competitors in the market.  No matter what kind of business you run, whether it is small, medium, or large, the success of your operations depends heavily on how well your products […]

Difference Between Channel Sales and Direct Sales

When you are in the business of manufacturing goods, you must wonder how to sell them to consumers. Well, there are two types of sales methods, direct sales and channel sales, that you can use to sell your goods.  In this article, we will discuss the differences between direct sales and channel sales. Let’s get started.  Direct sales meaning Have […]

What is mobile CRM and how it can help your sales to boost

Can you imagine leaving your house without your mobile phone? Or waking up in the morning and not checking your phone? Well, the advantage of this to your business is that it’s easier than ever to create a truly mobile workforce but it requires you to give your team the tools they need. And for many businesses using a CRM […]

Best Sales Forecasting Methods

What is Sales Forecasting?  Sales forecasting is one of the most important business activities.  How many leads does your business aim to generate this quarter or this year? What’s the target revenue for this year? Should your sales department have more sales executives in order to reach targets? At the beginning of every quarter, the Sales Manager or the CEO […]

Proven Tips On How To Manage Sales Team

Sales team management is among the top challenges a business faces. Managing a sales team is not an easy task, especially when it plays such an essential role in a company’s growth. A sales manager or a leader has all the potential to make or break a sales team. The role of managing a sales team comes with a lot […]

Major Difference between B2B and B2C sales

What is your business model – B2B sales or B2C sales? What is the difference between B2B and B2C sales? Can businesses operate on both models at the same time?  For any business, creating a sales strategy is one of the most important and challenging tasks. After that challenge is overcome, failing to follow that strategy can develop even greater […]

Top 5 Inside Sales Representative Skills

Did you know, inside sales are growing more than outside sales by a huge margin, so there is no doubt why there is more need for Inside Sales representatives.   According to sales infographics, for a single outside sales representative being hired, ten times more sales reps are entered into the company.  To translate there are many opportunities for Inside Sales […]