All You Need To Know About Sales Performance Management

Increasing sales is a hot topic, but what goes into boosting sales? Effective sales performance, yes. And an effective sales performance is achieved by an equally effective sales management system.  In this article, we’ll go through what sales performance management is, why it is important, what are its components, and some of the sales performance management best practices there are. […]

Most Important Sales Performance Metrics To Track

When we discuss sales metrics commonly used to track sales reps productivity, the first thing you need to know is they vary from company to company since productivity also changes depending on the company’s needs.  Increased revenue comes down to robust, repeatable sales processes that deliver results, and once you have that, you can grow your business with more sales […]

8 Top Sales Qualification Questions To Ask in 2021

A proper sales qualification process is extremely critical during the first interaction with a lead. Qualifying leads should always be about identifying intent-rich leads rather than simply filling the sales pipeline with irrelevant leads.  Sticking to a prospect qualification checklist and a clearly defined set of sales qualification questions are some of the effective ways to identify high-intent leads.  Lead […]

All You Need To Know About Sales And Marketing (Complete Guide)

Our surroundings buzz with the words sales and marketing. From the vehicle we drive to the mattress we sleep on, everything was first marketed and then sold to us.  Sales and marketing make up a lot of our world, but how much do we understand them? Is sales just a transaction between two people? Is marketing just advertisements that we […]

What is mobile CRM and how it can help your sales to boost

Can you imagine leaving your house without your mobile phone? Or waking up in the morning and not checking your phone? Well, the advantage of this to your business is that it’s easier than ever to create a truly mobile workforce but it requires you to give your team the tools they need. And for many businesses using a CRM […]

Inside sales vs outside sales (What impact does it has on SMBs)

Inside sales vs outside sales: Which sales type is better for your business? – This has been a topic for discussion for ages. And following the pandemic, the discussions have taken a very different turn. The role of outside sales executives radically changed after the lockdown measures and work-from-home policies were implemented. Since door-to-door sales were no longer an option, […]

How Prospecting can help you in increasing your sales (Best Practices)

Sales Prospecting is exciting for some and daunting for many, but it is essential in the growth of your business. Being an essential part of the sales process, businesses must get it right. Before we begin unfolding how Prospecting can help you in increasing your sales, let’s quickly go through what it is and why it matters.  Prospecting in sales: […]

Some of the best B2B sales activities you must know

Selling is never an easy task and B2B sales, particularly, can be the trickiest. In a B2B sales scenario, businesses have very little opportunity to influence the buyer’s decision.  There’s so much information available today that buyers prefer researching and comparing suppliers on their own. This results in very little time spent conversing with the sales representatives, perhaps a mere […]

Difference between sales and marketing in 2021 (SMB)

Sales and marketing are so closely related that they are often confused to be almost the same. Both of them are very important but are two different functions within a business.  Marketing is about getting people interested in your product or service, whereas sales is about closing deals. But the difference between sales and marketing is not that simple. What […]

Top 5 reasons why small businesses need a sales management tool

Discussions on how technology and digital transformation would affect businesses over the coming years have been constant. But the practical implementation of some seemed like a distant future just about a few years ago. The way businesses operated changed almost overnight since the onset of COVID-19. And in just a few months into the crisis, the world had seen years’ […]