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Sales Management App
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Easiest way to digitize and streamline your sales process to drive business growth.

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Manage your leads and customers

One app to manage your leads and customers

With NeoBiz, you can improve your sales process by digitising your customer and lead data. Store, segregate and access your customer information smartly with the help of labels and tags.

Enhance engagement with your customers

Enhance engagement with your customers

Improve customer retention and create new sales opportunities by sharing offers, updates, and reminders with your customers via WhatsApp, SMS, Phone, or messaging them on the NeoBiz app.

Manage your sales tasks

Manage your sales tasks more efficiently

Handle your daily sales tasks easily with the help of reminders, notes and by scheduling messages ahead of time. You no longer need to worry about forgetting important tasks.


Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management

Store, access, and manage all the necessary information of your leads and customers easily on a single platform.

Customized Tags

Customized Tags

Create and assign personalized tags to manage your customer data more efficiently.

Schedule Reminders & Messages

Scheduled Messages & Reminders

Set up automatic reminders to stay informed about upcoming tasks.

Multichannel Communication

Multichannel Communication

Communicate with leads and customers through WhatsApp, SMS, or Phone. Pick the channel your customer prefers the most.

Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

With multiple languages to choose from, manage sales in a language that you’re most comfortable with.

Track Business Growth

Track Business Growth

Get important and accurate metrics based on your sales performance and customer engagement to track the progress of your business.

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  • NeoBiz is a sales management app for small and medium business owners and agents to help them streamline their sales and customer engagement process.

    It lets users store and access customer details in one place, set reminders for upcoming tasks, schedule messages, communicate with team members over a group chat, engage with customers through WhatsApp, SMS or phone, and have all the leads generated from various platforms consolidated in one place.

    • You can download the NeoBiz app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Once the app is installed, you can create your account using your mobile number.

    • You can then start adding your customers from your contacts list or add a customer manually.

    • Once your customers have been added, you can engage with them via various channels like SMS, Phone, WhatsApp, or by sending them a message on the NeoBiz app.

  • The app can be used by business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or agents who manage the sales tasks for their business. NeoBiz is most effective for managing leads and retaining customers to increase sales.

  • NeoBiz is currently available in English and will be available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam soon!

  • Your data is securely encrypted and only accessible to you. It is backed up on the cloud on a daily basis, this means, even if you lose your device or it stops working you can restore it anytime.

    • On successful registration, you will see a popup requesting access to your phone’s contacts.

    • On allowing access to the contacts, you can then tap on “Add Contacts From Phonebook” to view all your phone’s contacts.

    • You can then select the contact you want to add as a customer and fill in the required information, or add a customer manually by selecting the “Add Contact Directly” option on the app’s home screen.

  • NeoBiz lets you store, segregate and manage your customer information in one place with the help of personalized tags.

    You can connect with new leads, retain or sell more to existing customers by sharing offers and updates via multiple communication channels, and schedule reminders and messages to never miss important tasks.

  • Yes, it's a 100% free to use app.