What is Sales and Marketing for SMBs?

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) make up the majority of businesses in most countries and are one of the most important players driving economic growth. There’s no standard way of identifying SMBs, its definition varies from country to country. But what is standard, is that SMBs are not the same as large enterprises. Not just in terms of the number […]

How to use WhatsApp to enhance your sales and marketing

WhatsApp, today, has over 2.5 billion monthly active users globally, and India is its largest market with over 390.1 million active users. WhatsApp is popular not just for communicating with friends and family but also because it’s a very useful business communication tool.   Facebook, Inc, keeping small businesses in mind, launched a separate variant of WhatsApp in 2018, i.e. WhatsApp […]

NeoBiz: Free, Simple and Secure Sales Management App for SMBs

SMBs: The need to go Digital Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), also referred to as the backbone of the Indian economy, massively contribute to the economic growth of the country. Being so important, it is imperative for them to be backed by strong technology in these dynamically strange times. Studies suggest that digitally-empowered SMBs have double the chances of growing […]