8 Top Sales Qualification Questions To Ask in 2021

8 Top Sales Qualification Questions To Ask in 2021

A proper sales qualification process is extremely critical during the first interaction with a lead. Qualifying leads should always be about identifying intent-rich leads rather than simply filling the sales pipeline with irrelevant leads. 

Sticking to a prospect qualification checklist and a clearly defined set of sales qualification questions are some of the effective ways to identify high-intent leads. 

Lead nurturing helps you focus on leads that are more likely to convert. Asking sales qualification questions is thus an integral part of the sales process that helps nurture high-quality leads. 

In this article, we will focus on the top eight sales qualifications questions to ask in 2021. But first, why do we need to establish a sales qualification framework? 

Why is Sales Qualification needed? 

As a part of the sales process, it helps a salesperson in filtering and segmenting leads within the sales pipeline. Leads can be segmented by the products or services they are interested in, their budget, the time at which they are likely to make a purchase, etc. 

The criteria on this list form the basis of the prospect qualification checklist and the questions that will be asked in the sales qualification process will be mostly guided by those criteria. 

What are Sales Qualification Questions? 

These are questions you should ask your consumers when they are considering and evaluating your product. This allows you to gain more information about them, and to segment and prioritize them later. 

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8 Sales Qualifying Questions To Filter Leads 

What is the problem you are facing? 

If a consumer is looking to buy your product or service, they have probably got a problem that they want to solve with it. You can assume what the problems are based on the utility your product offers. But it is also important to assess how your product will help impact the prospect’s problems. 

By knowing this, it will help you to judge the prospect’s needs and how soon they are going to buy the product. 

Which solutions have you tried? 

By asking this question, it will give you an idea if the prospect has used any other product to solve the problem. This may give you details about competing products and companies and knowing such details will help you to know your product’s position while nurturing those leads. 

Why are you switching? 

In continuation to the previous question, you must ask your prospect about why they are switching to your product from an earlier used product. It will help you to know what all features or things your prospects don’t want and know what all they expect from your products or services. 

Which of our product’s features are you interested in? 

When a prospect is looking at your product or services, there must be a core feature that they may find suitable for their needs. Knowing what all features have impressed them will help a business to judge their long-term value as well as know what according to users is unique about them. 

What is your budget? 

Knowing what your prospect is willing to pay is a crucial part of the sales qualification process. Knowing the prospect’s budget will help a company know if the lead is eventually going to pay or not. Also, if you can offer the next best price or any other product to suit their needs. 

How quickly are you looking to close the deal? 

If a prospect is looking to wait until they make a decision, this question will help you to reposition them in your sales priority list. From the preliminary evaluation, you will also get to know how quickly they are willing to buy the product. 

Does our product fit well as per your needs?

Although it may seem like an obvious question, there is much more to it. Asking this question will help you determine whether or not your offering will actually fit well with their needs. Additionally, you will know their intent to spend money on a product and will also gain reassurance if you should include them in your sales pipeline. 

What kind of results are you expecting from our products? 

In addition to solving the problem, it’s also important to know what results they expect from your product or service. Ask them about what their desired end result is and what success means to them. Managing customer satisfaction and expectations in this way allows prospects to meet their goals in an easier and more effective way. 

Wrap Up 

You can use the above sales qualification questions to develop an accurate sales qualification framework, which will help you better convert sales. 

There are more such questions that you can frame depending on your product or service. Keeping detailed knowledge of the lead is essential, or you will be left with dozens of unqualified or underqualified leads that will only create a mess in your sales pipeline. When it is about “quantify vs qualify”, choose “qualify.” 

Also, it is critical for the salesperson to keep track of all leads, prospects, and customers. For it, they don’t have to log in to their systems, again and again, to check what the current status is, they can maintain all the lead and customer information in one place with NeoBiz.

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