How To Prepare The Perfect Sales Demo (Best Tips)

How To Prepare The Perfect Sales Demo (Best Tips)

After much waiting, your prospect finally agrees to attend your sales demo. What’s next? 

Delivering a sales demo can be nerve-racking for a number of reasons, such as their ability to either make or break a deal. 

Certainly, your product serves as an excellent option and you know how it will help your prospects, but how do you ensure that the prospect understands its benefits? 

Best demo practices are essential for sales representatives to follow when delivering a demo. In this article, we provide you with the sales demonstration tips that you must follow to ensure you make a sale, rather than breaking it. 

Demo Best Practices: 6 Ways for Your Demo to Win

For many, it may seem like a straight road from preparing a demo to delivering a demo. However, it isn’t true. Especially, the part of giving the demo. As already mentioned, this can be the difference between making or breaking a deal.

Here are six best practices you should keep in mind when you give a demo.

Ask questions before beginning the demo

There is no doubt that you should ask your prospects as many questions as possible (and also know when to stop). Similarly, this holds true when a prospect attends your demo. 

Ask them what they expect from the demo, who will actually utilize the product, what particular features they are most curious about, etc. Think of it as a warm-up and an opportunity to build rapport. 

Gathering as much information as you can here helps you for future prospecting as well as for the demos you eventually will deliver. 

Customize the demo as per prospects needs 

This is more or less an extension of the previous point. Questioning your prospects will help you get to know them better, and delivering according to their expectations will only increase the chances of them converting. 

Give them examples of how the product can be used at their company like this: “I suppose your team wants to do this… they can do it with ease with our product…” Make them feel as if the product is something that they shouldn’t miss out on.

Focus on important and relevant features 

As a sales rep, you must have all the information you need about the product you are selling or demonstrating. Of course, your product would have tons of cool features. But it is typically not possible in reality to demonstrate all features on your demo. 

Consequently, for a demo to win, you want to list down the features that you think are relevant and important to your prospect. Your prospect will be better able to comprehend your product if you emphasize the features that are relevant to them. 

Show how your offering solves daily problems

You must ask yourself these two questions: 

  1. What are the challenges that your prospects are facing today? 
  2. How does your product solve the problem of the consumer? 

When you are selling a product it is important to tell a story so prospects can relate to it. Make sure you show them how your product is a worthy solution by tying each feature to a specific problem.

Have a script ready 

When giving a demo, a sales representative usually does two unwanted things, they are: 

  1. Giving a demo without a script 
  2. Keeping rigidly to the script even if it’s not relevant. 

Make a script before you are ready to give a demo. Even if you do not write word-for-word, ensure you point out all the points that are important and ask the right questions. 

This also gives the demo a smooth flow. But remember, don’t just stick to it, ensure everything comes naturally. It is important to be flexible with your script, as it allows you to accommodate the prospects’ needs. 

Make the demo as interactive as possible 

Remember that your demo does not have to be an hour-long monologue. Make it a conversation, as this helps keep the prospects’ attention. As mentioned above, asking questions can make a demo more interactive. Also keep asking for suggestions and what scenarios they think could benefit from your offering.


Demos may seem like the opportunity for deals to close, but for that to be possible, they must be scheduled with someone genuinely interested.

To make your interaction with them even more fruitful, ask them more questions and seek their suggestions while they are on the demo. By following the above-stated proven tips, you will have a high chance of converting leads into sales. 

Furthermore, it’s important to understand at what point in your buyer’s journey each lead or prospect stands. Sales management doesn’t have to be complicated; by using the right tools, you can make it easier.

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