5 Different Sales Approaches You Must Know In 2021

Each salesperson is unique and equally different in their sales approach.  There is no “one” approach to sell, nor is there a “one best” approach. Sales have been refined greatly over the years and with this refinement, different sales approaches have emerged.  The kind of sales approach you should use in any given selling situation will depend on your personality […]

All You Need To Know About Sales Performance Management

Increasing sales is a hot topic, but what goes into boosting sales? Effective sales performance, yes. And an effective sales performance is achieved by an equally effective sales management system.  In this article, we’ll go through what sales performance management is, why it is important, what are its components, and some of the sales performance management best practices there are. […]

Most Important Sales Performance Metrics To Track

When we discuss sales metrics commonly used to track sales reps productivity, the first thing you need to know is they vary from company to company since productivity also changes depending on the company’s needs.  Increased revenue comes down to robust, repeatable sales processes that deliver results, and once you have that, you can grow your business with more sales […]

Top Sales Skills You Need To Become A Successful Sales Rep

Are there any particular skills for sales? If so, which sales skills are essential for a sales rep? To answer the first question, certainly, a sales rep must possess specific skills. The purpose of sales is not just to talk on the phone or send cold outreach messages, emails, or social media DMs. Though sales may appear easy and fun, […]

8 Top Sales Qualification Questions To Ask in 2021

A proper sales qualification process is extremely critical during the first interaction with a lead. Qualifying leads should always be about identifying intent-rich leads rather than simply filling the sales pipeline with irrelevant leads.  Sticking to a prospect qualification checklist and a clearly defined set of sales qualification questions are some of the effective ways to identify high-intent leads.  Lead […]

How To Prepare The Perfect Sales Demo (Best Tips)

After much waiting, your prospect finally agrees to attend your sales demo. What’s next?  Delivering a sales demo can be nerve-racking for a number of reasons, such as their ability to either make or break a deal.  Certainly, your product serves as an excellent option and you know how it will help your prospects, but how do you ensure that […]