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Types of key Sales Technique every sales executive should know in 2021

Traditional sales techniques are no longer as effective as they once were. Today’s customers are more informed than ever and have many options at their disposal. And above all, no one likes being sold to. With customers becoming more and more aware as well as more skeptical, how can you always be closing deals? While it is important to have […]

Relevant Questions To Include In Your Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is exactly what it sounds like. A well-crafted personalized conversation you pitch to your potential customer. It gives you an opportunity to qualify or disqualify a prospect.  It lets you gain an understanding of the prospects’ requirements in order to assess whether they are genuinely interested in your product or service. Unfortunately, not much attention is given […]

How to Increase Sales Volume (Top Proven Ways)

Introduction There are many ways to judge how a business is faring, given its current position in the market. Such analyses are essential in providing an understanding of how to manage business operations in the future. And arguably, the most important of these metrics is sales volume. Being such an integral part of business operations, we must adequately understand its […]

How to Generate quality business leads with the help of the sales team

Business leads are individuals or businesses who may become your customers.  A constant flow of leads is what keeps a business going. But the lead generation process is never a simple one. Businesses face multiple hurdles in the lead generation process from choosing which channels to use for communication to compete to grab customers’ attention. 68% of businesses report struggling […]

How Prospecting can help you in increasing your sales (Best Practices)

Sales Prospecting is exciting for some and daunting for many, but it is essential in the growth of your business. Being an essential part of the sales process, businesses must get it right. Before we begin unfolding how Prospecting can help you in increasing your sales, let’s quickly go through what it is and why it matters.  Prospecting in sales: […]

Some of the best B2B sales activities you must know

Selling is never an easy task and B2B sales, particularly, can be the trickiest. In a B2B sales scenario, businesses have very little opportunity to influence the buyer’s decision.  There’s so much information available today that buyers prefer researching and comparing suppliers on their own. This results in very little time spent conversing with the sales representatives, perhaps a mere […]

11 Best Sales Team Management Strategies

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase their sales, but what about the sales team on whom the responsibility majorly lies? Are they achieving their existing targets? Are they feeling motivated enough to perform at their best? Regardless of the number of members you have on your sales team, it’s most important to improve the sales management process to […]

5 types of sales you must know in 2021

The term “sales” means much more than just selling a product or a service to the target customers. It is a blend of all the activities that lead to conversion, acquisition, and retention.    Sales is about understanding the customer’s needs first. Then identifying how the product or service can help them, and finally convincing them that what you are offering […]

Difference between sales and marketing in 2021 (SMB)

Sales and marketing are so closely related that they are often confused to be almost the same. Both of them are very important but are two different functions within a business.  Marketing is about getting people interested in your product or service, whereas sales is about closing deals. But the difference between sales and marketing is not that simple. What […]

Top 5 reasons why small businesses need a sales management tool

Discussions on how technology and digital transformation would affect businesses over the coming years have been constant. But the practical implementation of some seemed like a distant future just about a few years ago. The way businesses operated changed almost overnight since the onset of COVID-19. And in just a few months into the crisis, the world had seen years’ […]